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Voxalis Opera Artists

Voxalis Opera brings together established and emerging Australian classical singers with a breadth of experience to create outstanding performances of art song and opera for our audience. Click below on each artist to learn more about them.

Redman HR-23.jpeg

Lois Redman director

Sarah Hubbard.jpg

Sarah Hubbard soprano

Sabrina Wall.jpg

Sabrina Wall mezzo-soprano


Dominique Fegan soprano

Iain Henderson tenor.jpg
Cameron Bodiam Taylor baritone

Cameron Bodiam Taylor baritone

Iain Henderson tenor

Annika Hinrichs.jpg

Annika Hinrichs soprano

Mark Connors pianist.jpg

Mark Connors piano

Headshot Camilo.jpg

Camilo Lopez baritone

AidanHodder_Headshot. jpg

Aidan Hodder baritone

An Opera Gala.jpg

Bernard Wheaton tenor

Katie Stenzel Headshot.jpg

Katie Stenzel soprano

Sebastian M - Headshot.jpg

Sebastian Maclaine tenor

Talia Garret-Benson.jpg

Talia Garret-Benson  


John-Woods pianist.jpg

John Woods piano

Kira Dooner soprano.jpg

Kira Dooner soprano

Gianna Guttilla Headshot.jpg
Lauren Towns - Headshot.jpeg
Xanthe Allen_edited.jpg

Gianna Guttilla soprano

Lauren Towns mezzo-soprano

Xanthe Allen mezzo-soprano

Tashana Hardy.PNG

Tashana Hardy soprano

Leanne Kenneally Soprano

Leanne Kenneally soprano

Morgan England-Jones soprano

Morgan England-Jones 


Shikara Ringdahl mezzo soprano

Emma Nightingale.jpg

Emma Nightingale soprano

Francis Atkins piano

Francis Atkins piano

Alex R - Headshot (1).jpg

Alex Raineri piano

Jolanta Kudra Soprano

Jolanta Kudra soprano


Alla Yarosh mezzo-soprano

Jack Bolton Bass.jpg
Clancy Anderson guitarist.JPG

Jack Bolton bass

Clancy Anderson guitarist

Kevin Gomez.jpg

Kevin Gomez tenor

Leon Warnock.jpg

Leon Warnock baritone

G.Dickson Headshot Pacific Opera (1).jpg

Genevieve Dickson 


Anna Tafani Soprano

Anna Tafani soprano

Tom Nicholson Baritone

Tom Nicholson baritone

Gabrielle Diaz soprano

Gabrielle Diaz soprano

Zachary Miezio - composer.jpeg

Zachary Miezio composer

Ji Zhang tenor.jpg

Ji Zhang tenor

Jia-Peng Yeung_edited.png
David Upcher Headshot.NEF

Jia-Peng Yeung baritone

David Upcher bass

Aylish Ryan mezzo-soprano.jpg

Aylish Ryan mezzo-soprano

Other past artists include

Rachael Griffin

Shelli Hulcombe

Caitlin Weal 

Mattias Lower 

Annie Lower 

Vikram Goonawardena

Anne Fulton

Joel Berndt

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