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Voxalis Opera is a Brisbane-based opera company dedicated to enriching Brisbane’s cultural landscape through unique and innovative renditions of art song and opera.

Since its establishment in 2021, Voxalis Opera has been dedicated to reviving and enriching the cultural landscape of Brisbane through exceptional renditions of art song and opera. Breaking away from conventional norms, the company continuously explores new concepts, infusing creativity and originality into each production.
The 2022-2023 season marked a turning point for Voxalis Opera, with a significant increase in audience attendance and overwhelming praise from both spectators and industry professionals. As a result, Voxalis Opera has steadily emerged as Brisbane's alternative opera company, captivating audiences with its unique interpretations and energetic performances.

 Central to Voxalis Opera's ethos is the provision of significant performance and development opportunities to exceptional classical singers who are on the cusp of their professional careers. By collaborating with established figures within the industry, Voxalis serves as a springboard for their future endeavors and projects.
In its 2024 season, Voxalis Opera aims to build upon the achievements of its inaugural year. Our focus will be to celebrate opera through high-quality productions for our audiences whilst generating opportunities for Queensland artists and fostering a thriving and inclusive opera community. Join us for a year of purposeful storytelling that celebrates love and resilience against all odds. From enchanting fairytales to moments of tragedy; journey with us as we explore the human experience through the innovative lens of opera in the 21st century. 

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Our 2024 Artists

Voxalis Opera is an exciting collaboration between passionate established and emerging Australian classical singers. Learn more about them.


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